Bill Burns’ Mirror Technique

I have learned this technique from psychic Bill Burns (and from Barbara Rose, who also learned it from Bill and explains it particularly well). It’s designed to increase a sense of self-appreciation and self-love, an essential ingredient to feeling good about oneself and to making life work well.

Here’s how it works:

Stand in front of the mirror and discuss with yourself what you did that day that pleased you. Then tell yourself what about those things pleased you and what about who you are made that possible.

I realize that this may feel awkward at first. Do it anyway.

I find it easier, and for me at least, more effective than Louise Hay’s technique of just telling yourself “I love you.”

You may want to take notes about the things you wish to discuss (see the feel-good list above) before you actually do the mirror exercise. But feel free to adlib as you come up with more things.

Here’s an example of how this might work:

I went for a walk in the park today. This pleases me because I’m taking care of myself and it made me feel good. It also helped me relax and it will contribute to keeping my body healthy and my emotions on the positive side. The quality in me that made this possible is the fact that I’m in touch with how I feel, I pay attention to it, and I take care of myself, as I must because this body is all I have, and I appreciate it and make an effort to treat it well.

Do this regularly every evening and you will notice a big shift in how you feel.

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