Better Time Management (especially for Internet Marketers and Other Stressed Professionals): The Ultimate Path to Long-Term Stress Relief

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Sooner or later, any self-help blog must address the issue of better Time Management.  Of course that word is really a misnomer.  Time cannot be managed.  It does what it does, which is to keep on moving.  What needs managing is us: what we do with that time as it passes or as we pass through it, or whatever.

And stress?  Well, stress tends to come from a feeling of not-enough-ness. Whether there’s not enough money, time, or  love, the result tends to be stress.

Money or its absence seems to be a big cause of stress. But time is even worse. We can always make more money, at least theoretically.  But once time is gone, it’s irretrievably gone.  There’s no way to get it back, let alone get more of it.

So how we handle time makes a big difference to our well-being — and to what we accomplish. It also goes with my favorite quote by one of my favorite (late) stress management experts: Roger Mellott:  He said: “Do what you say you value.”

Now most of us value living up to our commitments.  Most of us also value being liked.  And voila!  A big conflict.  Because in order to be liked, we commit to more than we can handle, and that can quickly bring us into conflict with our need to live up to our commitments. Ouch!

On some level, better time management skills allow us to work more effectively or more quickly, which in turn helps us get more done.  There’s a limit of course.

But still.  That’s the premise, and certainly doubling our productivity can do wonders for our income as well as our feelings of accomplishment.

And it can reduce stress because now we’re living up to the expectations of those w have made commitments to — and to our own expectations. And we may have more money too.

So how can we achieve better time management?  How can we be more productive?  Should we live by the 80/20 rule?  Well, there’s actually an even better way.

Check out the coolest time management courses I have ever come across. It’s by Jason Fladlien. Yes, the same guy who has been teaching people how to write 7-minute articles.  It was just a matter of time before he would expand his principles to other areas.

And his time management course is brilliant as well as a total steal!  It’s a multi-media course with workbook and extensive worksheets.  You can read the book first and then watch the videos for reinforcement and for all the details…  there’s also an audio-only webinar — which was the original time management seminar.

Where can you get it? Right here!  Check it out and get a secret special deal just for my blog readers 🙂  Just send me an email by return mail when you get your welcome message and tell me that you want my blog reader special, and I’ll put you on the list for my special delayed-release bonuses — they will be doled out every couple of weeks or so over the coming few months!

Do I have the course?  Of course I do.  In fact, I’m actually in it!  And when Jason offered me the resale rights, I immediately took him up on it.  The course is that good!

Go take a look:  Jason’s Time Management Course.

And let me know what you think.

Have a fantastic — and very low-stress day, especially with your new-found Better Time Management Skills.