Bad Habits Quiz (Procrastination Quiz)

So what is YOUR bad habits quotient? Why not take this quiz and find out:

Check out the following questions and check Yes or No for each question (and if you want to make it all about procrastination, just replace “bad habits” with “procrastination” as I have done in the first few questions):

1) Do you have habits you consider “bad habits”? (Do you procrastinate?)

2) Do you sometimes get in trouble because of a bad habit (procrastination)?

3) Do you ever find that you apologize to others because of something that happened because of a bad habit (procrastination)?

4) Have you ever tried to get rid of a bad habit?

5) Do you think your life would run more smoothly if you didn’t have that bad habit?

6) Do you think your health might benefit if you could get rid of “that habit”?

7) Do you think your finances might benefit if you could get rid of “that bad habit”?

8) Would you feel better about yourself if you didn’t have “that habit”?

How many “Yes” answers did you get?

How did you do on my bad habits quiz (AKA procrastination quiz)? If you scored zero or one “Yes” answer, you’re doing great! Congratulations. However, even one “Yes” answer means that you might benefit from the free e-course on getting rid of bad habits.

If you scored two to three “Yes” answers, you should seriously consider some tools that can help you get rid of those habits.

If you scored four or more “Yes” answers, you should definitely get help, starting with the this powerful free e-course on getting rid of bad habits.

You might also look into getting some coaching for support and accountability.

Help with getting rid of bad habits, including procrastination:

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You can also try coaching. This will benefit you in a number of ways, from giving you support, a structure, and accountability, as well as access to highly effective tools and helpful information.

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P.S.: Here’s another free tool you might like: Easy Intro to EFT. Also check my last blog post, which is on EFT & Procrastination 😉 Of course, it works on other bad habits too!

I hope you have enjoyed my bad habits quiz AKA procrastination quiz and that you’ll find my free tools helpful.