Attracting Abundance – What’s Stress Gotta Do With It?

money buudhaSo how does attracting abundance work. If you’re reading this, you probably want to manifest or attract prosperity and abundance, or do so quickly. But the more urgently you want it, the BIGGER the roadblock that might be holding you back.

Case in point. I just talked to a friend this morning who was getting ready for a very important phone conversation about a big contract – and he was stressed out because he really NEEDED the money.

I can certainly relate. I’ve been there, and I still find myself in that spot much more often than I would like.

But I also know this:

If there is one thing you can do to improve your odds of attracting abundance, it’s to reduce the stress and focus on the positive outcome you want.

And that’s no matter what it is you want.

Sure, it’s tough to step back from your NEED… and get into the space of happy anticipation and a bit of detachment from the outcome, which would be far more effective.

Does it work? Not 100% of the time. But here’s something to think about:

How often did you NOT get what you wanted and a few years later were REALLY glad you didn’t? It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Okay, so that’s not what you wanted to hear right now. Me neither. But it’s something to keep in mind, if ony for the sake of reducing the pressure in the moment. And THAT’s what will help with attracting abundance!

In fact, if it’s for your higher good, chances are pretty good that things work MUCH more smoothly when you do calm down, focus on the positive outcome and in fact look forward to it (or something even better).

Basically, this means they work out when you don’t push them away. And stressing about things means pushing away what you want to happen.

Why you MUST let go of the worries and stress

The key is to let go of the worries because what you worry about you’re likely to attract.

Bill Burns told me years ago that if I worried about something, I may or may not draw exactly what I worry about into my life. But I will draw something along the line of my concern.

And here’s the quote I remember verbatim (about the “something” I will draw): He said, “Trust me, it will be adequate.” Adequate to live up to my worries that is. NOT something I would want.

How to calm yourself?

So how can you calm yourself, let go of your worries, and get excited about what you DO want.

As I wrote last time in my post about how to make yourself feel better, there are a few choice things you can do.

1) Focus on what you DO want

Abraham-Hicks are adamant about the importance of that, and so is Michael Losier. How do you do that? Just make it your mantra: “So what DO I want?”

Focus on that, and the other stuff will fall by the wayside (or is it, “into place”?

2) Gratitude

This is something I didn’t talk about in my last blog, but I am a great fan of keeping a gratitude journal, which I wrote about last Thanksgiving, and reminding myself of things I’m grateful for on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY when I’m worried and stressed.

It seems you can’t really be grateful and stressed all at the same time. So how cool is that!

3) Get an “Attracting Abundance” Mindset

It also helps to build a mindset that consistently works at attracting abundance and prosperity. That’s what I tried to accomplish in my eMoney Magic program.

Your efforts in manifesting abundance are not going to work too well if you keep pushing all that prosperity away.


So what’s eMoney Magic all about? You can check it out in my post on why your money mindset is so important.

But here’s the challenge…

How do you get that money mindset?

To start with, you should focus on identifying and working through your money blocks. And if you click on that link, you can get a freebie that gets you started 😉

And then, get control of them by using EFT. In eMoney Magic, Brad Yates takes you through two super cool sequences of how to eliminate those blocks.

But you can do it on your own too. Just grab the free resource here: Easy EFT Introduction

Want more tools for attracting abundance? Check back here on my self help blog in a day or two…

To your prosperity and abundance!


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2 thoughts on “Attracting Abundance – What’s Stress Gotta Do With It?

  1. Alex

    Great article! Too many people waste valuable energy on worry. What they don’t realize is that the energy they are wasting could have been used towards achieving their goals.

    I am looking forward to reading more great articles on your site.

  2. William

    The more stress we have, less are the chances of giving our 100%. If we don’t give 100%, we fail. Its a nice article but important thing is how to focus relaxing our mind and start again after we get charged.


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