Article marketing on Steroids: How I Learned to Write Articles in a Fraction of the Time it Used to Take

Article marketing on speed?  You better believe it.

Now here’s a secret of sorts.   I haven’t really told this to too many people before.  As you may or may not know, I used to be an English professor, and well, that’s still a good part of my identity, but at least for the time being, I’m taking a break from academia while immersing myself head first in the wonderful world of internet marketing.

But of course I started internet marketing while I was still teaching.  And can you imagine what English professor me thought when I came across a Warrior Special Offer for an ebook called “7 minute articles”?

I thought it was crazy.  I was a bit ticked off too — such audacity!  Such devaluing of such a noble craft!

I took days to write an article.  Hours or days for the first draft, and several hour-long sessions for revisions.  And that was for ezine article sized articles.  Academic articles could take months.

And here, this guy Jason Fladlien was saying he could teach me how to write an article in 7 minutes, research included? I just had to see what that was all about.

I expected to be underwhelmed, but instead, I was very impressed.  This guy had a great system.  And for only $4 at the time, it was a steal.  I started to rethink my approach to writing…

A few months later, I got an email with the upgraded version.  As a purchaser of the first product, I would get any and all updates free.

And those upgrades got more impressive each time.  Next thing I knew, the little ebook had morphed into a comprehensive system with several additional parts.

I started to buy more of Jason’s stuff.  And now I’m taking just about every one of his teleseminars and webinars I can fit into my schedule.  The guy is brilliant!

Can I write an article in 7 minutes now?  Not yet.  But I’ve written some in 15 minutes!  And it rarely takes me more than half an hour for something I don’t have to do any research on.  I’m okay with that.

So what happened to that 7 minute article ebook?  Well… you can find out right now.  It has grown into a comprehensive content creation system: an Instant Content Creation System.

And it is still a steal for what you get even though the price has gone up quite a bit from those 4 dollars where it all started. And I expect the price to go up even more.  Jason has this way of upgrading his stuff and raising the price every time he adds more value. Fair enough, but why not get it now, at least if content creation is something you do as part of your work or routine.

You can check it out by clicking right here:

Instant Content Creation System

Happy writing!  And I’m not being sarcastic.  Content Creation with Jason’s system can be lots of fun!