“Advanced Manifesting” (Tara Springett) Review

I’m really excited about a new book I just read: “Advanced Manifesting” by Tara Springett! It’s subtitle is “Tibetan Buddhist Secrets for Fulfilling Your Dreams.”

As you know, I’m very interested in Manifesting and the Law of Attraction, and so I wasn’t sure how many new things I might learn, and I was very happily surprised! This book is truly taking the manifestation process to a whole new level.

Tara Springett is a psychotherapist as well as a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, and she has combined the two in her practice.

In Advanced Manifesting, Tara Springett introduces us to the finer points of how manifestation works according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and, more importantly, gives us a wealth of detailed step-by-step processes.

If you believe you already know a lot about manifestation, you’ll quickly discover, as I did, that there’s a lot more to it than most other books have us believe.

Yet it’s not complicated. At least not when you follow Tara’s eight steps. Here they are, straight from the Table of Contents:

  • Step one – Finding the wish that brings genuine happiness
  • Step two – Harnessing the power of your unconscious mind
  • Step three – Taking action
  • Step four – Raising your vibrations
  • Step five – Overcoming craving
  • Step six – Dealing with the waiting time
  • Step seven – Removing any remaining obstacles
  • Step eight – Receiving the fulfilment of your wish

How Advanced Manifesting Works

The manifestation process starts with step one, finding out what it is that you REALLY want to manifest. The often overlooked aspect of this crucial step is that the desired goal of the manifestation needs to benefit not just the would-be-manifester but also the world around him or her.

And both parts are crucial.

So many of us are all too focused on helping others that we forget looking out for ourselves. But some people are also doing the reverse – focus only on themselves when it comes to deciding what to manifest, with no consideration of the greater good.

Tara has a cool graphic that shows us how these two aspects interact and what they lead to.

She shows us that neither of these approaches leads to successful manifestation or true happiness. You need to find something that will benefit you, but you also need to want it for the greater good of something or someone outside of yourself.

Well, Tara’s book is certainly going to be helping a LOT of people – if they read it and take its teachings to heart. And follow the instructions.


As you saw on the list above, there are 8 key steps to advanced manifesting as Tara teaches it. And they all need to be there for successful manifesting to occur. Though they do not all have to be there perfectly, which is a big relief.

Advanced Manifesting – The Challenges

What I like most about the book is Tara’s in-depth exercises and step-by-step processes that help us deal with the inevitable challenges.

What challenges? It can be hard to believe that we really CAN manifest what we truly desire. So we need help with keeping up the faith.

Manifestation is also rarely instant – even when using advanced manifesting techniques. So that can really gnaw on our confidence. It can make us desperate as we yearn for our desired outcome. We might even be tempted to try to bring about changes in others. Those are all things to avoid.

Fortunately, Tara’s exercises help us overcome those challenges.

And about those delays… with Tara’s stories, which are really quite entertaining, we can see how any seeming delay or failure turns out to be for our greater good.

Among the stories she shares was how she met her husband – who turned out to be EXACTLY what she had really wanted deep down but wasn’t so sure she’d ever be able to find. And he came with her total dream house too (or rather, he went out and bought it after they were together!).

All that happened after much frustration with the dating scene and pretty much having given up. And with her friends harassing Tara about being too picky etc. Well, she’s still happily married.

Another story involved a lengthy job search. Tara had gotten a position that was limited to one year, so she went out to look for jobs that started after the year was up. And was rejected over and over again.

At one point, a seemingly perfect position opened up at a friend’s company, which she almost got, but at the last minute, an inside candidate was selected.

Finally, after all the searches, Tara found herself unemployed when that 1-year position ended.

Not much of a master manifester, you might think…

Well, just wait a minute.

Two weeks after her job ended, she met her future husband, who lived in another country, where she joined him. If she had landed a job, this would have not been so easy (or so easy a decision).

Also, deep down she wanted to have her own business, and bingo! It all fell into place. Perfect manifestation after all.

So the wisdom I get from this is that we don’t always get what we think we want, but instead we may get something much better that works much more perfectly with what is really our ultimate goal.

I’ve experienced a lot of these things myself. But this is not the place to share MY stories. This is about Tara’s book.

A few more highlights

I’d like to share just a few more highlights of the Advanced Manifesting book (very biased).

a) It’s a fun read

Tara has a great sense of humor, and I found the book a very entertaining and enjoyable read.

b) How to deal with the waiting time

One of the biggest challenges of manifesting is that there is generally a waiting time until things turn up. And keeping the manifestation process going rather than pushing things away or repelling them is very important – and very difficult.

So Tara offers a number of great techniques that help with this process.

c) A cool new “wrinkle” on gratitude exercises

Tara has a cool way to make gratitude exercises more powerful than ever. She provides a technique that involves expressing gratitude for things that did NOT go our way – and thereby taking away their power and becoming manifestation tools.

This exercise also has a terrific mood-lifting effect.

There’s lots more, but this review is already much longer than I had planned, so I’ll stop here – for now.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Tara Springett’s Advanced Manifesting.

One more thing… I just found out that if you get Tara’s book during her launch, you’ll get a WHOLE bunch of bonuses!

I already have it, but I’ll go and get myself another copy so I can get those bonuses too! Plus, it’ll make a great gift 🙂

Happy Manifesting!


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