Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process: When it’s all too much

Do you know the Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process?

It’s the most amazing tool you could possibly have in your tool box when you often feel overwhelmed by to-do lists. It works wonders for giving you stress relief.

The fact is, we lead linear lives.  No matter how skilled we may think we are at multi-tasking, we can only be in one place at the same time.  And we really can only do one task properly at each moment.

We may be able to alternate our attention back and forth, and sometimes this may be necessary, but for most of us it increases stress and for some of us it gets us nowhere fast.

So what’s the placemat process? It’s based on the idea that we can only do so much and still be effective, and that we don’t really have to do all of it. There’s a force out there greater than us that helps us out.

Have you ever noticed that some things you just didn’t get to seemed to take care of themselves in miraculous ways? Or they didn’t seem all that important anymore? Or you got a chance to do them much later and it was okay?

Those are all signs that something greater than us is helping us and guiding our subconscious.  The main thing is that we must stop stressing. And the placemat process helps with that.

Here are the instructions:

Get a big piece of paper (placemat size works well):

Draw a line down the middle.

Write a reasonable number of items that you MUST get done today on the left side. Title that section: Things I will do today.

Write everything else that you think you ought to get done etc. on the other side. Title that section: Things I’m turning over to the universe.

And then just do the things on your list.

Also keep track of how many of the Universe’s list will get done. You may be surprised.

You can read about the Abraham Hicks placemat process in “Ask and it is given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and in many other of their publications.

If you’re in internet marketing or another fast-paced line of work where you feel like you have to get a tremendous amount done, you may also want to check out


It’s written by a former Buddhist monk, it’s quite amazing, and I’m very excited to be able to offer it to you:


Don’t forget — there’s only one you and you need to take care of yourself, which includes pacing yourself and allowing yourself rest when you need it, to be able to do what you need to do and to fulfill your destiny.

Have a wonderful and relaxed day, and do give the placemat process a go if you haven’t already.
You may find it’s the greatest stress management tool you’ll have ever found.  Because much stress comes from time “running away from us” and us trying to keep up.

Elisabeth, aka Dr. K

2 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Placemat Process: When it’s all too much

  1. Viveca

    I love this! I am doing this as soon as I am done reading your other posts on this topic! And, I am having my husband do it when he gets home tonight – it has been stressville here all week.



  2. Jason Fonceca

    I love this too, so much that I decided to make a digital version that people can download and fill out each morning as they start their day. I’d love to share it with you or anyone reading this, if you feel good about it.

    If not feel free to delete this…

    I love abraham, love the placemat process, and love your self-help collection, what a cool blog, Elisabeth 🙂 Rock on!

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