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About Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D., MFA

I have had a passion for self-help and personal growth stuff for as long as I can remember. I mean, even as a kid in Germany I used to collect inspirational quotes!

And the more I learn, the more I want to share all that amazing info with others. Myfavoriteselfhelpstuff.com is the place where I am finally able to do just that 🙂

Former Foreign Student and Professor Navigated Major Changes and Big Stress

As someone who’s moved halfway around the world to go to graduate school, and then moved across the continent for her college professor job, I’ve navigated some major changes, and big stress.

The Turning Point:  Breast Cancer

And then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That experience changed my life: I made a point to live with much more appreciation, found joy where before I had neither noticed nor looked for it, and became a poet.


Why I Started Coaching

Meanwhile, my passion for self-help became especially focused on taming stress and helping myself and others turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. And I’m excited about doing that now on a more personalized level through my coaching practice.

Even as a professor, I helped numerous students of mine navigate the challenges of being students or graduate students, and I sometimes coached them through more personal challenges as well. Among other things, I helped them with exam stress and fear of public speaking with great success. Plus I helped them get into graduate schools that worked for them.

And since I started my coaching practice, I’ve been especially gratified with the results I’ve been getting.

Here is what happened in one client’s case:

When we first spoke during the strategy session, she was miserable. She felt trapped in an impossible situation.

We analyzed her situation and determined what the various aspects of the situation were that contributed to that feeling, and developed a strategy for changing those things one after the other.

After five weeks of coaching, she now feels happy, appreciated, and very optimistic about her future.

Here’s what happened in another client’s case:

This client wanted to get rid of his gambling problem, which included betting on horse racing and spending far too much on Forex trading. He also smoked and wanted to stop.

Within just a few weeks, he closed his accounts and no longer has an interest in gambling or trading. It took a bit longer to get him to stop smoking, but he achieved that as well.

In addition, he became much more focused and systematic with building his internet business and eliminated a lot of the time wasting activities and focused on building his “empire” one step after the other.

It’s results like these that make me so excited about coaching. I really enjoy helping people make a real difference in their lives.


What about YOUR Stumbling Blocks?  FREE Strategy Session!

Are you dealing with a lot of stress?  Would you like to transform a few stumbling blocks of your own?  Do you believe you or someone you know might benefit from a good coach who can help with that?

You might be happy to know that I’m currently offering a limited number of FREE strategy sessions/exploratory coaching sessions each month (one per person).

If you’d like to take me up on this offer, please email me at coaching AT myfavoriteselfhelpstuff DOT com.

Coaching also makes a terrific gift, for yourself and for others. For more details on my coaching plans, all of which are available as gift certificates as well, please check out my coaching page.


My Books:

I also have two ebooks:

Instant Stress Relief Strategies and

Sell Your Stuff on Amazon.com.

Plus there are FREE ebooks, including the following:
Free Stress Tips Report
Easy Intro to EFT

And I also have a “real” paperback book (of poetry):

Average C-Cup

Would you like a signed copy of Average C-Cup? It makes a great gift for anyone who has, has had, or simply knows someone who has or has had breast cancer (or any other kind of health challenge).  Or anyone else for that matter.

You can get your signed copy right here:

Average C-Cup Autographed

It reads almost like a memoir or a short story book.  No cryptic, academese poetry in this one!  I promise you’ll like it or I’ll give you your money back!

Have a wonderful and relaxing day.



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