A Painful Lesson…

Today’s self help blog post is going to be pretty personal…

Over the last few days, I learned a painful lesson…

Always back up everything!

I tried to go to one of my blogs — My Linguistic Leverage blog that I’m using to market a lot of my online services, and it was GONE!

Completely gone. And, as it turned out, irretrievably gone.

What the heck happened?

I’m not entirely sure.  All I know is that all the files were gone from my server, and that there were no back-ups.

At first I was hoping that my trusty web host would be able to restore everything, but as it turned out, when they ran the most recent back-up, the blog was already gone, so if they had  had anything before, now they didn’t.

There was ONE saving grace!

Google came to the rescue…

I went and checked the Cache of all the pages I could find and saved them all in files and as PDFs, so I can copy and paste at least some of the articles back.

It’s not all of the stuff I lost, not by a long stretch. But the most important info is still there, and I will be able to put it back over the next few days.

The lesson…

Back everything up.

And also, don’t panic.  Sometimes, there are surprising solutions. I didn’t think of  checking with Google until I thought, gee, at least I’d like my article marketing services page back, and my “helping you with your internet business” services page etc., and some of the key articles.

And then I remembered Cache… and thought, let’s check what’s there, and a lot of the pages were there.

Interestingly, not all of them were, but the ones I needed most I could get back.

So there’s a lesson here — back up everything, and do it regularly. I’ve been very negligent on that count, and I will do a lot better now.

I’ll back things up now on TWO external hard drives as well.  And I’m looking into back up solutions that are in cyberspace.

Also, it’s key to stay calm when stuff like that happens…

If I hadn’t, I might have missed the cache window, and it would have been really all gone. And that would have made this an even more painful lesso. As it turned out, it was more of a wake-up call.

3 thoughts on “A Painful Lesson…

  1. Elisabeth Post author

    Thanks for sharing that resource, Vickie! I’ll have to look into that. Do you store both your online stuff and your computer on there?

  2. rickymsd

    It’s interesnting to see, how important it becomes to backup you data after you become a victim of a hard drive crash or data loss accident. I think people really need to get use to back up things specially if your work is based in wha t you store in your computer. The good thin is that there are a lot of good and affordable Online Backup products out there.

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